What is Green Remodeling?

John D. Wagner of Qualified Remodeler said it best: "Ask 10 remodelers what green means, and you'll get 12 answers." What makes something "green" is under debate, with new interpretations and ideas being applied all the time. And when you examine the waste created by some materials, how much damage is done to the environment when they're created, and how often the materials will need to be ripped out and replaced, "green" can seem pretty rotten.

No matter which definition of green you use, however, it should include the following:

Total Basement Finishing would like to help you create a healthy, comfortable, and beautiful space that's good for both you and the environment. Our basement finishing products are designed to help save energy, keep the home healthy, and last for a lifetime. Call or contact us online today for a free basement finishing estimate!

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