Basement Space Planning Ideas & Designs

Basement Finishing BookYour basement space can be used for just about anything. Because basements are uniquely quiet and private, they are ideal for many uses.
The first step in designing your finished basement plan is to decide what you want to DO in that space. From there, you decide how to layout the space, and what types of materials you will use. Then comes the fun part - making it uniquely your own!
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Basement Space Planning Ideas

Think of your basement as a blank canvas of opportunity! Are you truly utilizing that canvas to best suit your family's needs?

Not only will you increase the functionality of your home now, you will increase it's future value as well!

Here are some ways you can make the most of your below-grade frontier. Some Ideas

Once you have ideas about how you want to use the space, we can help you find the right solution to make it happen.

What is a Man Cave? Click to find out
Man Cave
Playroom? Click to find out
Laundry Room? Click to find out
Laundry Room
Game Room? Click to find out
Game Room
Theater Media Room? Click to find out
Home Theater
Guest Bedroom? Click to find out
Guest Bedroom
Basement Bar? Click to find out
Basement Bar
Home Office? Click to find out
Home Office
Apartment? Click to find out
 Family Room? Click to find out
Family Room
Home Gym? Click to find out
Home Gym
Storage? Click to find out

Basement Finishing Tips

Basement Finishing Ideas - Family RoomFinishing the basement isn't the same as finishing most other areas in a home. Your basement has many special needs due to its unique construction and design.

For example, because concrete is porous, it's wise to avoid organic materials. You also need to take existing utilities, wire and pipes into account. Lighting needs are typically different in basement spaces as well.

Taking the special design needs of a finished basement into consideration when designing a basement finishing plan is an absolutely vital step. Be sure to research any products you install in your basement so you know that you're getting the right materials at the best value for your money! Check out our "10 Basement Finishing Tips" for more advice.

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