Basement Remodeling with TBF is Good for the Environment

Environment Friendly Products

Total Basement Finishing's EverLast™ Basement Wall Panels are a green solution for your basement. The 2 1/2" of R-13 insulation installed with their wall products are created with HCFC blowing agents, making them 94% less ozone-depleting than the standard CFC blowing agents. HCFCs have little comparative ozone depletion potential and short atmospheric lifetimes, and are this much less damaging to the environment than the standard alternative.

This insulation in EverLast™ Basement Wall Panels can be reused in many applications. When combined with the 1/2" hard-panel wallboard made with 95% certified recycled materials, these two products make for a superbly green alternative to hard-to-recycle drywall and fiberglass.

The plastic compounds used in ThermalDry® tiled flooring and floor matting have been created with post-consumer products and include plastic compounds that can be recycled upon removal. And, of course, the metal frames used with our basement ceiling tile system are fully recyclable.

There is no known adverse effect on the ecology from the materials in the 1/2" wallboard or Total Basement Finishing's ceiling tiles.

The Best Green Basement Remodeling

With drywall filling up landfills, adding sulfate to the water, and contributing to the allergens in your home as it rots and grows mold, it's becoming increasingly clear that there has to be a better way. And with its factories polluting the air and its resins releasing formaldehyde into your home while it rots and molders, fiberglass isn't the answer either.

Total Basement Finishing has the best, most environmentally friendly basement finishing system. Their international network of dealers would like to help you upgrade your space the best way. To get started with a free, no obligation estimate on a basement remodeling or refinishing, call or contact us by e-mail today!

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