What to Look for in a Basement Finishing System

moisture and mold on basement wall

Moisture vapor is invisible, but there are ways to "see" it. Note the discolored and peeling paint toward the bottom of the wall

The basement is a different environment than the rest of your house. It contains structural elements like wood beams and concrete. Moisture levels are high, and so is the chance for condensation. This calls for a basement finishing system that is specifically created to address these factors - and to look great for many years.

Moisture and water vapor can enter the basement in other ways, too, including infiltration, condensation and plumbing leaks. Whenever moisture levels become excessive, problems arise. Moist and damp building materials, for example, are more likely to deteriorate, swell, rot, smell, and support the growth of mold and mildew.

Total Basement Finishing uses products that resist moisture, saving your basement from water damage down the line. Contact your local dealer to schedule a free estimate for waterproof basement finishing!

The Right Materials for Finishing Below Grade Spaces

Basement expert Larry Janesky explains why traditional materials aren't the right answer for finishing your basement and what materials you should consider for basement spaces.

Check out our line of moisture-resistant basement finishing products.

Finish Your Basement with Waterproof Materials

While waterproofing systems and dehumidifiers are your basement's first line of defense against water, it's smart to build your new basement rooms from materials that will not be damaged by moisture and that will not support the growth of mold and mildew. That's where the Total Basement Finishing System excels.

Our entire product line has been designed and developed from inorganic materials that are water resistant and do not support mold growth. Because of this, the Total Basement Finishing system will look like new far into the future.

It's also the last time you'll have to finish your basement, because the system stands up to the harsh, damp environment of the basement - where drywall, fiberglass, carpet and wood get damp, discolored, and musty smelling soon after being installed.

Sanidry XP Dehumidier

The Total Basement Finishing system acts as a moisture barrier for the floors and walls, and stops water vapor from entering your downstairs living space, making it drier and more comfortable. To help reduce musty odors and prevent mold in your basement a SaniDry XP, air filtration and dehumidification system can be installed, giving you healthy air and complete comfort.

If you are in search of a reliable waterproof finished basement, Total Basement Finishing is the solution you need. Contact your local dealer to get started with a free estimate!

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