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Finishing the basement isn't the same as finishing most other areas in a home. The reason for this is that a basement has many special needs due to its unique construction and design. Taking the special design needs of a finished basement into consideration when designing a basement finishing plan is an absolutely vital step. Otherwise, it's likely that the homeowner will be faced with several immediate and long-term disadvantages and expensive finished basement problems. Be sure to research any products you install in your basement so you know that you're getting the best value for your money!

The certified dealers that make up the Total Basement Finishing dealer network have specialized knowledge on the basements in their areas, and only use patented, proven products. For basement finishing needs anywhere in the country, schedule a free estimate today!

Ten tips to consider when designing a great basement finishing plan:

  1. Be sure that all products come with a long-term written warranty for water and humidity resistance. Humidity will enter in through the walls and floor continuously.
  2. All products used in a basement finishing should be designed to resist mold, dust mites, and rot. All these things need to live, thrive and survive are warmth, moisture, and food.
  3. When installing insulation in the basement, be sure that it can be installed in a single unbroken sheet on the walls and floor- heat literally pours out of any break in that line- including the insular break created by metal studs.
  4. All products should provide solid, durable construction. Daily wear and tear, including impacts, scuffs, and bumps should not damage or ruin these walls.
  5. Don't finish your basement to look like the inside of a white box. Find an attractive finish that will keep it looking warm and beautiful. Paint is a nice idea, but it will grow mold in a basement.
  6. If you want to see how easy your basement walls are going to be to clean, draw a line on the walls with a pencil. If it can be easily removed, it's likely that other things will clean off easily as well. Fiberglass and cloth basement wall panels do not clean easily!
  7. Be sure to install new vinyl basement windows and attractive ceilings that are compatible with various forms of lighting.
  8. A basement wall should be able to hold heavy weights such as shelves, speakers, a plasma TV, and other objects without the need to locate a stud or form a break in the insulation.
  9. Basement walls and ceilings should be able to be installed in a way that's fully compatible with utilities, pipes, wires, and other objects in the basement.
  10. Basement walls products should be able to be installed easily on uneven or sloped basement walls.

Total Basement Finishing offers these basement finishing tips for homeowners interested in keeping the basement beautiful for a long time! Our certified dealers have even more tips and knowledge for your basement finishing needs. Schedule a free estimate with your local dealer to get started on your playroom, office, or any other idea you might have for basement!

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