Energy Efficient Basement Remodeling

Energy Efficient Basement RemodelingEnergy-efficiency is one of the best ways that going green with your basement remodeling can help both you and the environment. Houses that use fewer natural resources will enjoy lower energy bills and fewer spikes in heating and cooling bills as the seasons change. Because they use fewer fossil fuels, they will contribute less to global warming and will be in greater harmony with the natural world. And according to Qualified Remodeling, a home's carbon footprint (the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere) is enormous! A single home can contribute between 50 and 70 tons of carbon dioxide in a single year. Over the course of 50 years, that's 3,500 tons!

How can you help fight this through basement renovation? By insulating the walls and floor of the basement, using energy-efficient lighting, and installing energy-efficient basement windows and window wells.

Insulated Basement WallsInsulating the basement walls alone can do wonders to save money in your home. A report from the US Department of Energy has revealed that insulating your basement walls can save you between $250 and $400 annually alone!

And according to General Electric it's possible to save as much as $120 in utility bills in a single year by replacing 10 standard 60-watt bulbs and five 100-watt bulbs with compact fluorescent lights! What could you do with an extra $520 each year?

Finishing the Basement to Save Money

With the wall panel's R-13 insulation, insulated basement flooring, energy-efficient fluorescent lighting installed, energy saving basement windows, and their energy-efficient basement dehumidifier, Total Basement Finishing has all the products you need for a warm, sensible, and healthy space. For a FREE, no obligation written estimate and consultation on your energy-efficient basement refinishing, call or contact us today

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