Total Basement Finishing: Why We're The Best!

A family enjoying their finished basement living room

Our patented basement finishing products have won several awards for their quality and innovation!

Our products are warrantied, waterproof, and designed specifically to address the unique challenges that basement environment creates for remodelers.

Total Basement Finishing has the warrantied products and professional installations you need to transform your basement into dry, beautiful, useful space.

We specialize in energy efficient, durable, waterproof products that can be customized to match nearly any finished space you can imagine!

Our Basement Finishing System Includes:

A complete installation of our finished basement system can usually be completed in less than ten days -- and includes a warranty that's measured in decades!

Why Are You Called TOTAL Basement Finishing?

Some companies only provide finished walls -- and call it a "basement finishing system". If other work is planned, it may be outsourced to other contractors. But don't you want ONE company who can do it all?

At Total Basement Finishing, we have specialized products for the ENTIRE basement -- including the floors, ceilings, basement windows, and more! We'll gladly install durable wall partitions, egress windows, and any other customized work you'd like to see! We do it all -- there's no need to outsource to another contractor!

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Highlights Of Our Basement Finishing System

Our versatile system can be used for long-lasting, beautiful results for any kind of basement finishing project. Whether you want to design a new living room, spare bedroom, basement bar, home theater, basement gym, or almost anything else you can imagine, we're ready to help you!

A finished basement billiards room.

Quality, warrantied Products

Our EverLast™ Basement Wall System includes a 50-year warranty that covers damage from mold, moisture, and flooding.

Similarly, our basement ceiling tiles include a 30-year warranty against mold and mildew growth, as well as sagging in the center. Each of our nine basement flooring options also include a full written warranty, ensuring quality products and results for your home.

What other system can offer you this kind of insurance that your basement will stay beautiful and valuable for so long?

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A home theater system installed in a finished basement.

A Versatile Finishing System

Whether you're interested in building a home theater, a spare bedroom, a basement bar, or anything else you can imagine, our system has the versatility to make your plan a reality.

Our durable, strong basement wall system allows even the weight of a plasma TV to be mounted at any point -- without the need to cut walls and insulation, and without the need to locate a wall stud.

We've finished thousands of basements across North America -- each with its own unique look!

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A contractor installing a suspended basement ceiling.

Professionally Trained & Certified Installers

Each Total Basement Finishing Dealer is certified and trained at our International Headquarters in Seymour, Connecticut, and has exclusive access to our products and services within their territory.

We choose our dealers carefully from the most reputable and reliable contractors from each area. We provide ongoing training camps, installation videos, and a full arsenal of other materials to each dealer to ensure they're up to date on the best practices within the industry. You'll love the courtesy, competency, and professionalism of our experts!

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Basement Finishing Products We Do NOT Recommend

The Total Basement Finishing System has been designed by both waterproofers and remodelers in the basement industries, and they're designed to look great and resist damage from moisture and flooding.

There's a lot of other basement finishing systems out there! To date, we haven't seen another system that holds up to the potential issues of a basement quite as well as ours. With that in mind, here's a few basement finishing products that we do NOT recommend:

We Can Provide You With A Long-Lasting, Beautiful Basement Remodeling!

The Total Basement Finishing System installs in your home quickly -- usually in ten days or less. Once installed, you're ready to enjoy a permanent upgrade in your home that will stay looking great for decades to come! Finishing your basement can be done at half the cost of adding an addition on to your home, and with no loss of space in your yard!

Invest in a comfortable, energy efficient basement today! Your local Total Basement Finishing Dealer is standing by to provide you with a free basement finishing quote! We serve throughout North America, with a locally owned and operated dealer in your neighborhood.

Each quote comes at no obligation to you and includes an on-site inspection, customized remodeling plan, and written cost quote! We'll also send you a complimentary copy of our full-color basement finishing book, highlighting our products and how they can help you!

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