Why Green Remodeling?

A Comfortable, Money Saving Home

Green Remodeling

Green remodeling can help you save for the future.

A green home is good for the environment, but it's also very good for you. While you're doing your part to make the world a cleaner, better place, your whole family will enjoy the benefits of greater energy-efficiency and a healthier, more comfortable home. Qualified Remodeler Magazine reports that 85% of home buyers are happier with their green homes than they were with their previous, more traditionally built homes.

Green homes save money! The US Department of Energy reports that insulating the basement walls can save between $250 and $400 annually alone, and even something as small as changing an incandescent light bulb with an Energy Star rated one can save $30 in energy over the lifespan of the bulb! Once you've remodeled the entire basement- including the walls, floor, windows, and lighting- with a green design in mind, the savings can be enormous!

A green home is also a healthier, more comfortable space for all who live there. A remodeled basement will keep the home protected from outside influences, helping to blunt heating spikes in the winter. And while energy-efficient upgrades can be more expensive than the alternatives, the saved energy will do wonders to soften the financial blow. And when it comes to finding financing, Mother Earth News reports that many lending companies accommodate for homeowners seeking an energy-efficient upgrade.

Total Basement Finishing is more than qualified to perform green remodeling in your basement. Our certified dealers offer these solutions across the country. To schedule a free estimate for green basement remodeling, contact us today!

Long-Lasting and Environmentally Sound

Green Remodeling

Our basement finishing options are not only green - they will also promote a healthy home.

A green home is designed with materials that last. Finishing the basement with drywall will lead to rot, mold and mildew. Alternatively, using a basement wall product that's made and warrantied to withstand the moist basement environment saves you money in repairs and replacement while saving landfills from filling up with drywall.

Drywall is a plague in the building and demolition industry- it's rarely recycled, and according to BNet Business network, gypsum drywall makes up as much as 25% of the weight of debris from building and constructing activities. With about 30 million tons of wallboard manufactured in North America alone each year, this is no small problem! Some landfills have even banned the dumping of drywall! In Florida in 2000 alone, the drywall debris alone amounted to 500,000 tons. And when gypsum drywall gets wet in a landfill, it adds sulfate to the water, which adds unhealthy chemicals to the water table. And as it dissolves, it will release a foul-smelling gas known as hydrogen sulfide into the air, which spreads a smell like rotten eggs throughout the area. Of course, this is possible in any area where drywall is exposed to moisture.

When it comes to basement finishing, you have options. But when it comes to picking a green, energy-efficient solution for your home, drywall is among the worst. Save money and preserve your comfort, health, and the environment with green basement finishing today! Sign up today for a free basement finishing estimate!

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