Green Basement Finishing

Why Green Remodeling?

More and more homeowners are opting to remodel their home and finish the basement than ever before! And an important part of this rush to renovate includes a much more environmentally-conscious and energy-efficient approach. Green remodeling is still relatively new, but these practices are taking over in force. Total Basement Finishing is dedicated to green solutions for your basement remodeling needs. To see what products and ideas we can offer you, contact your local TBF dealer today and schedule a free estimate!

What is "Green" Remodeling?

What makes a remodeling "green?" It's a question that has been hotly debated by remodeling and home improvement contractors for more than a decade. Green remodeling can include using products that will not hurt the environment as they are created, will last for a long time in your home, make good use of energy in your home, and can be recycled or disposed of safely afterwards. Read up on the definition of green remodeling.

Why Green Remodeling?

Using "green" building and remodeling practices is more popular than ever. Why? Remodeling your home with green products not only helps the environment, but it can be a longer-lasting, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient solution for your home. Learn more about the benefits of green remodeling.

Total Basement Finishing is Green!

Just how environmentally friendly is our basement finishing system? From the factory to finishing and beyond, our basement remodeling products are an optimal choice for a durable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly finished basement. Total Basement Finishing would like to share a close look at our products and how they tick to see just what they can do for you - and the environment. Learn more about our eco-friendly basement finishing system.

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