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Energy Efficient Lighting

Total Basement Finishing uses energy-efficient products in all its basement refinishing plans. Energy-efficient basement remodeling products are able to keep the space comfortable and evenly-heated, with no cold floors or drafty basement windows. Most basement finishing companies will make some effort to make the space more energy-efficient- using fluorescent lighting, or a layer of insulation, for example. But there's so much more you can do! Here's just a few ways that Total Basement Finishing's basement finishing system takes energy-efficiency in a basement to the next level.

Insulated Basement Walls and Floors

Insulated basement walls and floorsTotal Basement Finishing's basement remodeling wall system is the perfect way to add both beauty and energy-efficiency to your home. In fact, the United States Department of Energy has found that insulating the basement walls can save between $250 and $400 annually! The insulation in our EverLast™ Basement Wall Panels is designed to have a cost-effective and energy-efficient R-13 rating- which is able to reflect back 99.987% of heat reaching it. Any more insulation than that is a waste of money, as the cost rises dramatically to chase after a mere .013% of energy.

Additionally, all of our ThermalDry® flooring options are designed to include airspace underneath that will insulate the floor. This makes for a warm surface underfoot — one that is naturally 8-10 degrees warmer than the cold concrete underneath!

Energy-Efficient Basement Windows

Much of the heat that is lost in a basement is lost through the windows, Total Basement Finishing has paid special attention to this detail. The average basement window includes single-paned glass framed by wood or steel, with a steel basement window well on the outside. Even before the steel rusts and the wood rots, these windows have an R-value of 1. This means that 50% of the heat that reaches the windows passes directly through, unhindered. And in the winter, when cold winds are blowing on them, this can mean a lot of heat loss!

Total Basement Finishing's EverLast™ Basement Windows are designed with special Low-E twin layers of thermopane glass to make the best use of natural sunlight and energy in the home. These basement windows have an R-2.94 insulation rating, which keeps approximately 87% of heat in your home. And with their covered basement window wells, the cold winter winds will never reach the glass. What a difference!

Energy Star Rated Basement Dehumidifiers

Energy Star Rated Basement DehumidifiersInstalling any dehumidifier in your home will immediately begin saving you money. Not only does a good basement dehumidifier preserve your investment by helping to prevent mold, dust mites, and rot from damaging the materials in your basement, but dry air is much more energy-efficient to heat and cool than damp air.

How effective is the SaniDry™? Eight times as effective and three times more energy-efficient than a small household dehumidifier. With a self-draining design, a special air filter that can remove odors and particles as small as two

microns from the air combined with its ability to be ducted into the finished basement from a closet or unfinished section, there's nothing like it anywhere!

The Best in Energy-Efficient Basement Remodeling

Total Basement Finishing has what it takes to make your basement finishing plan the best it can be. Our products are designed to keep your basement warm, comfortable, and energy-efficient and are perfect for bringing lasting beauty into your below grade space. If you'd like a free, no obligation estimate on an energy-efficient basement finishing call us or e-mail us online today!

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