Long-Lasting Basement Renovation

Moldy Drywall

No drywall comes with a long-term warranty against mold - not even mold-resistant drywall.

Too often in the basement remodeling industry, the philosophy is just to "rip it down, throw it out, and begin again." In a basement, drywall, wood, organic carpeting, and chipboards are all destined to break down within a matter of years.

The reason for this is simple - moisture is constantly passing through the concrete in the basement walls and floors - which is why basements are notoriously damp spaces.

When drywall, carpet, or other materials are placed against this concrete, humidity will build up behind it. As this moisture begins to saturate the organic materials, it can lead to mold, rot, and mildew. All too soon, the materials have been significantly damaged and must be taken out and replaced.

In recent years, there have been a variety of other products designed for basement walls that use products like fiberglass and mold-resistant drywall that incorrectly claim to be long-lasting solutions for basement finishing. However, mold-resistant drywall has no specific warranty against mold or moisture and provides only a 3-month warranty against mold and no warranty for basement flooding. Why? Because it still has a paper face. And while fiberglass is inorganic, the materials are designed with resins (about 4-5% of its makeup) that set the fiberglass fibers into a semi-rigid board or batt. This resin is made with urea, which is created from cow urine, an organic material that the Building Science Corporation [PDF] reports can grow mold.

Rotten wood in a basement

Even without a flood, wood can quickly be ruined by humidity rising from the basement floor.

Additionally, it's important to note that most basements will eventually experience flooding from some point- whether it comes from the plumbing, the water heater, the washing machines, or the foundation itself.

Fiberglass basement wall panels are especially able to soak up many times its weight in water once it sponges it from a flooded area.

Wood and organic materials are renewable resources when produced by a responsible company who allows the forests to be restored for future harvests. But remember- you're not doing the environment (or yourself) any favors if the basement walls and flooring must soon be ripped out and replaced.

Basement Finishing Products that Last

Long-Lasting Basement FinishingIf you're interested in a basement finishing that will last, you're going to need a durable, inorganic basement finishing system that's warranted in writing to not support the growth of mold, mildew, and rot. Total Basement Finishing has the products you need. Their basement finishing products come with warranties measured in decades- not in months. Their EverLast™ Basement Wall has a 50-year warranty that will stand even if the basement floods for a week, and their waterproof basement flooring is perfect for the basement environment.

Total Basement Finishing's international network of basement finishers would like to provide you with a free, no obligation estimate on a basement remodeling - call or contact us online today!

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