Basement Insulation

Basements are a major source of heat loss in most homes, costing homeowners up to 20 percent of their heating dollars. If you are planning to finish your basement, there is no better time to insulate than before you begin.

Once the basement is finished, it will be much more difficult to add insulation. In addition, once your finished basement is heated to room temperature, the opportunity for lost heat is greater than ever. A finished, insulated basement has a greater money-saving potential than an unfinished, insulated basement. To schedule a free estimate for basement insulation, contact your local, authorized Total Basement Finishing (TBF) dealer!

Building science experts say that the best type of insulation for the basement is one that is good at resisting heat flow, isn’t affected by moisture or water, and won’t be a food source to mold or pests. Various types of rigid foam and spray foam insulation meet these requirements. In addition, they have higher R-values when compared to other insulation materials. That's why TBF typically recommends its Silver-Glo-backed EverLast™ wall panels around basement exterior walls.

R-Ratings for Insulation

The R values that appear on insulation labels represent the insulation’s ability to resist the flow (loss or gain) of heat under standard test conditions. A fiberglass batt, for example, has an R value of about 3.2 per inch. Some types of foam insulation have R-values that are over 6 per inch. The higher the R-rating, the more effective the insulation.

Moisture Control

Insulation will help keep your remodeled basement warm in winter – and will make the rest of your home more comfortable, too. Properly selected and installed, basement insulation can also reduce high levels of relative humidity (RH) in your home. High RH causes moisture and condensation on cool surfaces including walls, ceiling tiles, closets, floors, and cold water supply pipes. Moisture can lead to corrosion, rot, insect infestation, mold and fungus growth -- as well as a host of health-related issues.

Basement Insulation with Beauty!

Total Basement Finishing has thought of everything when they designed their unique and innovative basement finishing systems. We have products that will properly insulate your basement, keeping your temperatures where you want them. Our contractors can install insulation for basement walls, which could translate into huge energy savings. We can also insulate your basement floors as well as install basement window insulation. All of these work together to help maintain a comfortable temperature in your below-grade space.

The Total Basement Finishing mission is to turn your basement into a beautiful finished living space that will keep your basement as comfortable and energy-efficient as it can be while not supporting mold growth, and resisting the damaging effects of moisture and humidity. Total Basement Finishing would love to have a representative visit with you and help you bring your space from basement to beautiful!

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