Create Your Own Basement Home Theater

The anticipation of a great movie. The lights dim, the curtains open, snacks at your side, show time!

What's different here? You're wearing your pajamas, you didn't silence your phone, you're not sitting through previews or trivia, and you didn't have to find a parking spot. And...most importantly...if you need to use the facilities, the movie will wait.

Total Basement Finishing can transform your basement into a home movie theater for you and your family to enjoy. Our dealers are located across the country - schedule a free estimate in your area today!

Just Imagine: You're comfortably at home in your personal media room!

A properly waterproofed and insulated finished basement is a blank canvas for big-screen entertainment. It advantageous over main floor living spaces in many ways, making it the perfect location for your home theater.

  • Less natural light to filter out
  • Quieter for the rest of the house
  • Doesn't interrupt the business of the home (that goes both ways)

Design Tips for an Exceptional Home Theater Experience

  • Screen: Go big or go home! While we try to minimize the TV as a focal point in the main living spaces, the screen in the home theater is the main attraction. Big is good, but remember that a 50-60 inch screen requires a 10-15 foot distance from the screen (you neck will thank you). Don't forget to add drama - dark curtains that can mysteriously hide the screen when not in use and frame it nicely during show time adds an element of drama!
  • Comfort: Seating is key. It's the "other throne." Lumbar support and the ability to put your feet up are critical. Recliners or comfortable chair/ottoman work well. Cup holders or personal side tables mandatory. If you have the space and entertain a larger audience, consider tiered platforms.
  • Lighting: Sure, it's supposed to be dark, but not scary-dark. Use dimmer switches, and add ambient lighting. Rope lighting can add a nice touch of ambiance and safety. You'll get extra credit if you add mini LED twinkle star lights on the ceiling.
  • Snacks: It is essential to have access to popcorn, soda's, candy, etc. Set up a mini concession stand and refrigerator to save yourself multiple trips upstairs. Note: if you don't have a theater janitor, be sure to place a large trash bin in the room and keep a sweeper handy.
  • Storage: Keep your movie library at your fingertips (and makes it more likely that media will be put away where it belongs).
  • Decor: Simply frame your favorite movie posters as wall art.
Basement Home Theater

Pass the popcorn please. This home theater’s seats even have built-in cup holders!

You have all these ideas for a finished basement, now what? Contact Total Basement Finishing to schedule a Free Estimate and to meet with an expert who can help through the basement remodeling process and make sure you get the results you were looking for at a price that you can afford!

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