Home Office Design Ideas for Your Basement

Do you need to get work done at home? If your home office is located in the kitchen or other high-traffic area, chances are you have difficulty finding uninterrupted time to focus.

Need a better idea? Look no further than your basement stairs for the key to your new, highly-functioning, quiet home office space.

Your basement doesn't have to be cold and moldy. With proper insulation and finishing products, it can become your special "cone-of-silence" work space.

Total Basement Finishing has experience transforming basements into office spaces for countless families across the country. Schedule a free estimate today with your local TBF dealer!

Get a dry basement that's perfect for your home office

BEFORE: This basement had more than enough space for a home office, so a portion of it was left unfinished for storage and utilities.

Finished Basement Office

AFTER: When laying our
your home office, be sure to leave
room for a supply closet.

But before you set up shop down under, you need a blank canvas basement finishing system that can stand the test of moisture.

Total Basement Finishing is a waterproof finishing system specifically designed for durable comfort and efficiency.

No need for water to dampen your home office productivity! Once you've built your blank canvas, you will be ready to apply your personal touches!

Here are a few ideas to make your Home Office work hard for you:

Whatever your personal vision for your new home office, put it on your "to do list" and let us help make it a reality. Not sure where to start? Our basement refinishing specialists can give you ideas for basement finishing, including designing and installing a workspace that's right for you!

Example Home Offices

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