Designing a Basement Man Cave

Renovate your basement and get your man cave.

In addition to moving noise out of the main house, a finished basement offers some unexpected benefits. Done right, your entire home will be dryer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient.

Finishing or remodeling a basement can be inspired by many different desires, for example, the need for a home office, a playroom, a fitness center, or an extra bedroom. But if you're a guy, don't overlook the basement as an ideal location for a man cave –a special refuge where the rules of house décor and decorum don't have to apply.

Total Basement Finishing is experienced in designing exactly these kinds of spaces - contact your local dealer for a free estimate!

Although the basement is part of the house, it's potential is often overlooked as a separate, subterranean space. That's why it might be smarter to annex the basement for your man cave rather than trying to take over upstairs space. Besides, a basement man cave will have more privacy and more space than you're likely to find upstairs.

To successfully transform a basement into a man cave, you'll need to pay attention to some critical details. Here's what counts most in this remodeling adventure:

Ready to design your perfect basement man cave? Choose Total Basement Finishing if you want a finished basement that not only looks good, but will serve as a place to hang out year after year!

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