Turning Your Basement into a Finished Bar

The basement bar has probably been around nearly as long as the basement itself. If you’ve decided to join this rich tradition by creating a bar in your basement, there’s plenty of good cheer ahead. But first, it’s important to do some advance planning –to make the design decisions that ensure your enjoyment of this new space.

Most importantly, you’ll want to partner with a contractor who specializes in basement finishing. Don’t put the success of this basement transformation in the hands of a builder who only occasionally works in the basement. Go with a basement finishing expert like the folks at Total Basement Finishing.

7 Steps to Create a Distinctive Bar Area

So how do you go about bringing this distinctive new space into being? It's simple: Just complete the 7-step process described below.

  1. Start with the bar itself. Thanks to home furnishing catalogs and stores, it's possible to purchase a ready-made bar and bar stools that can serve as the focal point of your basement makeover. It's also possible to have a cabinet shop create a custom-built bar for your new basement space. Either way, look for durable, easy-to-clean surfaces, and sufficient space behind the bar for all the features you plan to incorporate (some of these are mentioned below).
  2. Find the right fridge. There are plenty of refrigerator options that will work well in a basement bar. For a retro theme, look for an old-fashioned fridge that can be given a bold, shiny finish to become a focal point in your basement bar. Alternatively, you can buy a small refrigerator that will just hold a couple of six-packs and stay out of sight behind your bar. Make sure that the wiring plan for your remodeled basement factors in the location of your fridge.
  3. Plan for bottles & cans. It's smart to have a plan for storing empty bottles and cans, and transporting these recyclables back upstairs. Depending on how your community recycling program works, you may need to get separate storage containers for glass, aluminum and plastic. Choose containers that aren't too big to carry easily.
  4. Plumbing is a nice option. Adding a sink to your basement bar and possibly a small bathroom definitely adds some expense to your basement makeover project. But this extra plumbing work makes your basement bar very self sufficient; there's no need for periodic trips upstairs. Thanks to special pumps and other innovations, basement bathrooms have become easier and more affordable to install, so this option is definitely worth considering.
  5. Where's the TV? A TV screen will turn your basement bar into a sports bar or even a home theatre. Thanks to flat-screen technology, even a large TV doesn't need to take up a great deal of space. Figure out where you want the TV to be located so that you can plan your wiring scheme accordingly.
  6. Score with the floor. Like any bar, your basement version will benefit from a finished floor that's durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and also pleasing to the eye. No product scores higher in all these areas than ThermalDry® flooring from Total Basement Finishing. ThermalDry® flooring tiles offer the appearance of different wood or tile floors with the durable, waterproof, maintenance-free characteristics of high-strength plastic.
  7. Get personal. Last but not least, you'll want to personalize your new basement hangout with pictures, pennants, trophies and other items that can be hung on the wall or displayed on shelves. If you've dealt with all the details mentioned above, you'll get plenty of satisfaction out of this final step.

Now that the basement space planning is over, you will finally be able to enjoy your new basement bar, thanks to the basement experts at Total Basement Finishing.

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