Create a Safe and Comfortable Basement Playroom For Your Kids

Young kids playing with toys in playroom.

Your basement can be the perfect bonus space for your kids to play.

Kids are home from school in the summer and stuck inside much of the winter. Which means (in many climates) kids are running through the house six months out of the year, looking for something fun to do. Can you relate?

Make it easy on yourself. Create a destination kids play area in your basement. With the proper finishing system, you can have a warm, comfortable and mold-free basement, suitable for all ages.

To create a high-quality playroom in your basement, contact the professionals at TBF! We offer free estimates for all of your basement finishing needs.

A waterproof finishing system ensures lasting fun

Because we're pretty sure you don't want to finish your basement more than once, we've developed the only waterproof basement finishing system needed.

Basement playroom with toys.

Not only is your basement a great space for your kids to play, but it could also serve as a storage area for their toys when they aren't in use!

The Total Basement Finishing system uses inorganic materials. This means that if you ever do get water in your basement, you won't have to replace messy and expensive drywall, insulation and flooring.

Even the best basement waterproofing cannot guarantee against a plumbing leak or natural water vapor seepage. It's good to be prepared.

Bonus - our waterproof wall panels come with insulation built in. No more hearing your kids complain that it's too cold in the basement to play.

Here are some kids play area ideas for your finished basement based on age:

  • Toddlers:
    • Safety is key - limit young kids' access to a designated area and child-proof as needed.
    • Create lower profile storage solutions that they can reach and won't tip over.
    • Outdoor plastic play sets are great for basement play rooms.
    • Make it comfortable for the caregiver as well! A nice comfortable chair is essential.
  • Pre-Teen Kids:
    • Loud toys are cool. Fortunately, they don't seem as loud when they're in the basement (win-win).
    • Create "centers" by activity, just like teachers do in classrooms.
    • They're old enough to pick up after themselves, so make it easy to succeed with simple bookshelves and bins for quick cleanup.

Total Basement Finishing can help you create a safe place for your kids to play - while providing you with a dry, healthy space that will increase the value of your home! Need some basement finishing ideas? We can help! Call us to get started on your basement remodeling project.

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