Basement Floor Finishing in Depth

Choose a different style for each room or keep it all the same for a seamless look.

Choose a different style for each room or keep it all the same for a seamless look.

What makes Total Basement Finishing's basement floor products better than anyone else's?
It's our knowledge of the basement environment and knowing what types of products are best suited to the basement floor.

Why not just lay down a carpet on my basement floor?
Because concrete basement floors are porous, and while your floor may not seem damp, water vapor makes its way through. If you lay a carpet directly on a concrete basement floor, the moisture is going to pass through the concrete floor directly into your carpet, where some of this moisture will remain trapped, and the rest will evaporate into the air in the basement.

Total Basement Finishing has a better solution. Read on or contact your local dealer for more information about all of our basement flooring products, or schedule a free estimate to get started on installation today!

Smart Basement Floor Products

Total Basement Finishing has developed a waterproof line of basement finishing products that will not rot, promote mold growth, or need to be ripped out of your basement. Our ThermalDry® Tiled Basement Flooring and ThermalDry® Basement Carpeting System give your basement a beautiful, sophisticated finish that will never go out of style!

If you like our product but want to install your own carpeting, our ThermalDry® Basement Floor Matting has the perfect solution! Our unfinished floor tiles are perfect for wall-to-wall carpet installations, allowing you to install the carpet of your own choosing without the inevitability of it rotting, growing mold, or releasing the smell of mildew into your basement.

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Damp, Musty Carpet or Wood Flooring

What makes a carpet or wood floor smell damp and musty? Mold and mildew. Mold needs moisture, a livable temperature, and organic material to grow. If you've laid carpet on a bare concrete basement floor, then you've provided an ideal environment for mold to grow. Mold will live on the organic material of your carpet and create that musty smell. Wood subflooring only adds to the organic material that mold will grow on. Once mold has established itself, in propagates by spreading millions of tiny spores into the air that can land and start to grow on anything else organic that it can find in your basement - cardboard boxes, furniture, clothing, magazines, etc.

Since air passes through your house in the same way that it moves through a chimney, by rising from the bottom of the house and exiting through the upper levels (this is known as the "stack effect"), mold spores from the basement pass through the entire house. The carpet, wooden floors, wooden subfloors, and drywall will begin to smell mildewy and rot, and all too soon you'll be forced to rip it out and start over. What a waste!

With a Smart Design!

Our flooring is just one part of our basement finishing system. Check out TBF's wall options, stairs, post surrounds, moldings, and more!

Our flooring is just one part of our basement finishing system. Check out TBF's wall options, stairs, post surrounds, moldings, and more!

All our finished basement floor systems are made entirely of inorganic material that will not support mold growth, rot, or absorb moisture and buckle like carpeting and wooden flooring does. Even our carpeted floor tiles can survive a plumbing leak without needing replacement if the leak is cleaned up quickly. They will simply dry out on their own! Our systems install quickly and cleanly and are available for use immediately after installation!

ThermalDry® Carpeted Basement Flooring and ThermalDry® Tiled Basement Flooring are the next evolution in basement remodeling. The modular design of our carpeted and tiled floor panels means that any tile that is damaged, worn or otherwise in need of replacement, could cleanly, quickly and easily be removed and replaced. There's no need to disturb the other tiles!

ThermalDry® Flooring serves as a vapor barrier, protecting you from the moisture seeping out of the porous concrete floors. This will help to prevent mold growth by lowering the humidity level in the basement. Because of the raised pegs underneath ThermalDry® Flooring, there is a specially-designed airspace underneath the flooring that gives room for air movement and allows the floors to dry.

The best thing about ThermalDry® Flooring is that its special design creates a thermal break between the cold basement floor and your finished basement living space. Your remodeled basement will be more energy-efficient and much more comfortable, an average of eight to ten degrees warmer than the concrete basement floor!

All Part of the System

Our basement flooring products are an essential part of the TBF basement finishing system. To create a comfortable, dry, healthy, energy-efficient and insulated basement, the basement wall panels and drop basement ceilings are two other major components that make up the remodeling system.

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