High-Quality Basement Carpeting

Choose carpeting that's made for basements & designed to last

Basement carpeting from Total Basement Finishing

Total Basement Finishing will give you a beautiful and long lasting basement carpet.

When laid directly on the basement floor, traditional carpeting alone is not appropriate for a basement finishing project. Water leaking into the basement from the walls and or coming from plumbing leaks as well as water vapor seeping through concrete basement floors will find its way into your basement and collect in the carpet. Soon, mold and mildew will form, releasing musty smells into your finished basement and adversely affecting your health. All too soon, your carpet will have to be ripped up and replaced.

Luckily, Total Basement Finishing has the answer to these basement carpeting problems. ThermalDry® Basement Carpet Tiles are a unique basement carpet option that will keep your basement floor warm, dry, comfortable, and mold free.

If you're looking to finish your basement with carpeted floors, call your local Total Basement Systems dealer today for a free estimate on basement carpeting!

ThermalDry® Basement Carpet Tiles

ThermalDry® Carpeted Flooring by TBF

ThermalDry® Basement Carpet Tiles are a great way to complete your basement finishing project without committing to wall-to-wall carpeting. ThermalDry® Basement Carpet Tiles offer several key benefits:

  • Thermal break to keep floors warm
  • Vapor barrier to prevent mold
  • Made from inorganic materials that will not grow mold
  • Easy to replace damaged sections of carpet

Carpet your basement floor with Total Basement Finishing

Total Basement Finishing offers a wide variety of basement flooring options, including mold resistant carpet that will last for years. Choosing one of our TBF products is the best way to ensure that you have a durable basement carpet that is comfortable and beautiful. Call your local TBF dealer today for a free estimate!

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