TBF on "House Calls" with Ron Hazelton

During this episode of "House Calls" with Ron Hazelton, watch a team of TBF basement finishing professionals transform a previously finished, moldy basement into a dry, healthy, finished basement. The project is completed from start to finish by a team of specialists led by Total Basement Finishing president, Larry Janesky.

What you'll see:

  • Larry Janesky explaining the dynamics of the basement environment, how water in one form or another is inevitable, and what's needed to prevent mold from taking over your basement.
  • A comparison among different wall materials, structures, and insulation.
  • Product strength tests.
  • The team replacing a window well.
  • "How-to" instruction on installing ceiling lights.
  • Larry Janesky explaining the problems with carpeting a basement floor and comparing alternative options that are waterproof and provide insulation benefits.

This video* captures what Ron Hazelton describes as a "magical" transformation of an unhealthy basement into a healthy living space.



*Requires an HTML5 compatible browser. Best viewed with Chrome.

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