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If you are planning on remodeling your home, the basement should be the first place to look! The return on investment can be huge, the additional space is available much sooner and an existing part of your home is turned from storage into real living space — truly from basement to beautiful!

A Home Remodeling Investment

Home remodeling to repair, upgrade, and beautify your home is one of the most effective ways you can improve your quality of life and overall happiness. When you begin a home improvement project, you're making a sound and practical investment that makes your house a more pleasant and useful place to be. Read more about investing in home improvement.

Profitable Home Improvement

A home improvement investment is more than just paying for living space. If you plan on spending twenty, or even ten years in your home, basement finishing can make you a sensible profit. Total Basement Finishing did their research and calculated just how much you can expect to make, based on marketing trends and census information from the last 60 years. Learn how much money you can make by finishing the basement!

Basement Refinishing for Any Lifestyle

A renovated basement can serve a wide variety of purposes, all of which depend solely on the homeowner. Whether you would like a basement bar, children's play room, entertainment room, mother-in-law's suite, spare kitchen, or den depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle choices. Some remodeling projects are even tax deductible! No matter what you want in your home and what your needs are, Total Basement Finishing can design a great solution for you.

Basement Remodeling for a Sophisticated Design

With its beams, low ceilings, fewer windows, lack of lighting, damp environment and fewer windows, finishing a basement takes a different approach than other areas in the home. Basement renovation will need to take many things into consideration, such as the location of fixed objects such as stairs, furnaces, and other utilities. Total Basement Finishing has several suggestions on how to make basement space work for you.

Choosing a Remodeling Contractor

When you're choosing a home remodeling contractor to help upgrade your home, it's important to choose with care. Remodeling — especially basement remodeling — is best done by a specialist in the field and not a local handyman. A good job requires an established contractor, a written warranty, a fixed written estimate, and a fantastic customer service experience. Total Basement Finishing knows what it takes to be the best, and they'd like to share it with you. Read more about how to choose a great home remodeling contractor.

Basement Finishing Complaints

Total Basement Finishing has heard countless tales of woe that their customers report from former contractor companies. General contractors vary drastically in reliability and quality of service, and the wrong contractor can leave you with shoddy workmanship, overrunning prices, and a poor experience overall. To help you sort out the best from the rest, Total Basement Finishing and has developed a list of "Home Improvement Red Flags." Read more about basement finishing complaints.

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