Go Green with an Eco-Friendly Basement Remodeling Plan

Green Home

Green building products and practices are becoming more popular than ever, with some of the most cutting-edge technology in the industry being developed for energy efficiency and sustainability in an effort to be better for homeowners and the planet at large. Here at Total Basement Finishing, we've been finding that more and more homeowners are looking for an environmentally-conscious approach to basement remodeling. When you need more space in your home, transforming your unused, unfinished basement into a functional living area can be a much greener alternative to building an addition.

Our green basement finishing solutions can provide you with a comfortable basement and healthier home. Some homeowners are hesitant to invest in a green basement remodeling system for fear that it will be more expensive than a more traditional method. This is a myth. In reality, green building practices are often cheaper than traditional ones and are practically guaranteed to pay for themselves by reducing your energy costs over time. A few of the many benefits of going green with an eco-friendly basement finishing system include:

  • High-quality materials that will last longer than drywall or fiberglass
  • More comfortable interior temperature in your home
  • Healthier home with better ventilation, less indoor air contaminants, and better protection from moisture issues
  • Lower heating and cooling costs due to energy-efficient products
  • Less negative environmental impact

How is the Total Basement Finishing system environmentally-friendly?

EverLast basement wall panels

TBF insulated wall panels are extremely water-resistant and made from reusable materials

At Total Basement Finishing, all of our basement remodeling products are designed and tested for durability, mold-resistance, and energy-efficiency. The insulation in our EverLast basement wall panels are made with HCFC blowing agents that are 94 percent less ozone-depleting than standard blowing agents, and therefore much less damaging to the environment. Even better, this insulation can be reused for many different applications. When combined with our hard-panel wallboards, made from certified recycled materials, these products are the perfect green alternative to drywall and fiberglass.

Drywall and fiberglass are materials that are very difficult to recycle, which means that they usually go straight to landfills, where they will stay for far too long, stubbornly refusing to break down. Drywall can also add sulfate to your water, and its vulnerability to mold growth and rotting can destroy your indoor air quality by spreading allergens. Similarly, fiberglass contains resins that release formaldehyde into your home when it rots or molds. By eliminating the need to use these materials, Total Basement Finishing can ensure that your basement stays protected from mold, wood rot, and water damage while providing healthy air quality for your home and loved ones.

We also offer a basement ceiling tile system with fully recyclable metal frames, as well as eco-friendly basement flooring options. The plastic compounds in our ThermalDry floor tiles and floor matting can be fully recycled and were made from post-consumer products. 

From insulated basement walls and floors to energy-efficient basement windows and basement dehumidifiers, Total Basement Finishing takes energy-efficiency to the next level. If you're ready to enjoy the benefits of a beautifully remodeled and eco-friendly basement, contact your local Total Basement Finishing dealer today!

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