Basement Wall FAQ's

You say wood studs, fiberglass, and drywall
are poor choices to finish my basement.
What if I use a vapor barrier?

There are only two places in which to place a vapor barrier in typical drywall and fiberglass applications: On top of the frame and insulation, behind the drywall or directly against the concrete wall. The first method will only trap the moisture behind the vapor barrier. The fiberglass and wood studs will soak up the ground moisture that infiltrates the basement walls and eventually grow mold and rot.

The second will trap the water against the concrete wall, which will protect the fiberglass and studs, but without a proper waterproofing system in place, the water can condensate and drip down to the floor.

Neither of these methods will protect the walls from getting ruined in case of a basement flood or water accident. (Plumbing and water heater tank leaks, for example.)

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