Basement Floor FAQ's

How is ThermalDry® Basement Subfloor Matting
different from store bought subfloor tiles?

Basement water problems come from various sources. There is the common water seepage through concrete walls and slab, there are leaks due to drainage problems and there are also very common water accidents that can end up flooding your basement even if it is completely waterproofed and has the best sump pump in the world. Plumbing leaks, leaky water heater tanks, broken washing machine hoses, etc; all these things can and will happen at some point and that water will end up in your basement. Basement subfloor tiles sold in hardware stores and through competing franchises have a basic design flaw: they are lined with a wooden compound, which soaks moisture and being organic, will eventually support mold growth.

In addition, unlike ThermalDry® Basement Floor Matting, they are not warranted by the manufactures to withstand water. If you want a permanent basement subfloor solution that will last for the life of the structure, you need ThermalDry® Basement Floor Matting!

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