Michele D., New Haven, CT

Michele wanted extra living space in her New Haven home to do her artwork in, but was not comfortable in her dark, dank basement. And with an easily agitated dog that had trouble putting up with strangers working on the house for very long, serious construction was out of the question.

Luckily, Michele was able to work with us to create a Total Basement Finishing system that worked for her and was within her budget. The construction also met her strict deadline that was put in place to keep her dog calm.

Our basement finishing contractors installed an EverLast™ perimeter basement wall system with a decorative white trim along the top, as well as a 6-panel primed door. They also tackled the electrical work installing a number of electrical outlets, switches and jacks, as well as smoke alarms and electric baseboard heat.

All of these fixes created a warm, comfortable and bright area for Michele's home in New Haven that was within her budget and caused minimal disruption to her house and pet. And with Total Basement Finishing's one-stop shopping, our basement finishing contractors were able to handle every aspect from the wall installation to a heating system for her.

Customer Comments:

"It is cleaner looking and brightened up the basement area. It's more comfortable to do my artwork in."

"The salesperson made me feel comfortable and worked with me on the price."

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