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  • Permanent waterproofing solutions
  • Strong, stud-free wall systems
  • Rigid foam insulation
  • Waterproof, low-profile flooring
  • Mold-resistant materials
  • Code-compliant egress windows

Total Basement Finishing Companies in Nebraska

Building Finished Basements that Last

1. You want to have a comfortable, beautiful finished basement, BUT you want it to last!

2. Most contracting companies use standard “above-grade” materials which is a recipe for disaster. These materials end up with mold and mildew and you have to tear out the whole basement and start over.

3. Total Basement Finishing contractors eliminate these problems by only using completely waterproof, inorganic & mold-resistant materials that are designed specifically for basements. You will have the basement you've wanted and it will last long as your house.

Patented Basement Materials

Once we’ve completed your basement remodeling project, we guarantee you’ll be as pleased and confident in our craftsmanship and sturdy materials as we are! 

Our Products Include:

  • Waterproof, Washable, Insulated Walls
  • Mold-Resistant, No-Sag suspended Ceilings
  • Full Basement Bathrooms
  • Variable, Energy-efficient Basement Lighting
  • French, Bifold & six-paneled steel Doors
  • Basement Staircases
  • Energy-efficient, Double-paned Windows
  • Carpet, Tile & Faux Wood Flooring

The Total Basement Finishing (TBF) system is made up of a product line with 25 patents and untouchable warranties. With inorganic flooring options and insulation, TBF dealers offer their customers quality products that outlast the typical carpeting and fiberglass options. Then there are the incomparable wall panels that are washable and inorganic so as to protect against damage from water, mold growth and wear-n-tear. Drywall can hit the road. Egress windows can give you more options on using your basement space as well. 

With the long-lasting benefits of the TBF system, you can expect to be investing in more than just a beautiful upgrade, but you're investing in a new living space, a healthy improvement, and a space that increases the value of your home in Nebraska. 

A Contracting Company You can Trust

Did you know your basement can be a valuable asset? It might seem impossible to the homeowners with the moldy, wet, cold, and unfinished basements, but there's hope even for the homeowner with the worst basement imaginable.

Your Nebraska basement finishing contractor will explore your basement and diagnose the problems, develop a basement finishing design that meets all your needs, and use the finishing products that distinguish our systems from all the rest. Contact the Total Basement Finishing dealer near you today for a free estimate for basement finishing in Nebraska

Finishing your basement is the most affordable way to increase your home's living space. But doing this construction work with standard "above-grade" materials is a recipe for disaster —in the form of mold, mildew and ongoing moisture problems. Total Basement Finishing eliminates these problems by only using waterproof, mold-resistant materials that are designed specifically for basement environments.
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