Why Finishing Your Basement Adds Home Value

A well lit finished basement

There are an unlimited amount of ways to customize any basement while still adding value!

It’s never too late to fix up your basement and transform it into something you have always desired. There are multiple reasons why you should follow through with a basement remodel, but two of the most prominent are adding more livable space to your home and increasing ROI if/when you sell your home. Basement finishing can add not only value to your house but more space for you and your family to enjoy!

What kind of basement do I have?

walkout basement with living area.

Your future basement renovation will depend on your current home structure. Most finished basements will fall under one of the following categories: walk-out, standard, or garden-level.

  • A walkout basement, also known as an English basement, is typically partially or all above ground. This type has a point of exit in the front or back to walk out of, usually leading to an outdoor space, like a patio or backyard. Due to there being an exit, the value per square foot increases. This type allows room for big windows, which allows natural light to shine through. This detail attracts buyers to this attractive basement.
  • Standard lot basements usually push the main level a few feet above the ground. A set of stairs are used to get from the main floor to the backyard. A deck can be built right above the basement, which is a benefit for buyers. Due to lack of light, this basement is less attractive to buyers. Luckily, there are lighting options to compensate for that.
  • The garden-level basement is partially above and below ground. It may have a combination of miniature and full-size windows but most likely won’t have a door to the backyard. Luckily, you can get a free basement finishing consultation to help with all the details!

Adding more livable space to the basement

If you are finishing your basement for personal use, consider adding rooms that fit your lifestyle. If you are completing a basement for resale purposes, consider what sells best in your market. Those considering moving may want to consider how the average person would like to use the space. The choices you make during the remodel will only increase the value of your house if your basement space aligns with what future home buyers will be searching for. Adding a bedroom, bathroom, in-law apartment, game/entertainment room, or home office can ultimately give your house a unique addition.

What factors will affect the return of investment (ROI)?

Depending on your location and real estate market, a basement remodel could increase ROI. Here are some factors that could affect how much money you get in return for your finished space:

  • A finished basement with ample open space will likely have a higher ROI than one that consists of several closed-off rooms.
  • Be sure to deal with radon upfront. Before starting to build out a basement, spend the time and money necessary to test for radon. Based on your home’s construction design and your local climate, Radon mitigation projects make it possible to finish out the basement planned.
  • To maximize ROI in the finished basement, add at least one bedroom and bath, keeping everything open as possible. In a competitive buyers market, your home can stand out among the other for-sale homes if it’s one of the only few finished with a functional basement space. Our basement finishing system, which includes wall panels, floor tiles, and ceiling tiles, will add to your ROI due to its durability & water-resistant capabilities.
  • Checking the local law and permit requirements will ensure a higher ROI. A homeowner that takes the time to safely and legally make the basement remodel of their dreams will save more on the overall basement finishing cost.

What to consider to get the most value out of your basement space

Whether you are selling or keeping your house, focusing on the elements that go into basement finishing- flooring, walls, ceilings, and lights, will keep you on the right track for gaining the most value.

Finished basement with living and bathroom area.
  • Recessed lighting, or lighting set or built in the surrounding wall/surface, is essential to consider when creating your ideal basement space. If you’re able to create a walk-out basement, add more natural light. For a standard basement, focus mainly on the light. Compensate for the lack of natural light by adding as much lighting as possible. It can be a great way to create all-over brightness in a basement without causing low-ceiling clearance issues. High-quality LED lights can be discreetly installed under cabinets and flush to the ceiling.
Finished basement walls with window.
  • There is a superb basement wall option for all circumstances, including Total Basement Finishing’s EverLast™ Wall Panels, which are practical, easy to clean, durable for wear and tear, warranted for moisture, mold, and mildew. It supports 300 pounds and installs with no studs, so there is no wood or metal to rust. These walls are installed across the basement space in an unbroken sheet of insulation that will keep you warm and can help save money on energy bills.
Finished basement floor.
  • Having the best flooring is critical. The wrong decision can cause moisture problems, which will increase the overall cost. Luckily there is a guide to find the right flooring for your basement. Our basement finishing ThermalDry® carpeted & tiled flooring is waterproof as well as easy to clean, long-lasting, forgiving of falls, and insulated. ThermalDry® floor matting with custom carpeting is made with inorganic materials so it won’t grow mold as a standard carpet would. It’s imperative to research the right flooring for your basement. The wrong flooring can cause mold or wear out quicker than it should.

Finding the right contractor to finish your basement space

Whether you are looking to keep or sell your home, keep in mind how TBF can help you finish a safe and custom-designed basement. Take this time to custom design your dream basement, including professional installation and innovative, long-lasting products. Contact your local Total Basement Finishing contractor for your free estimate today!

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