Home Office Ideas To Incorporate In Your Finished Basement

Basement Office

With more people than ever working from home, a home office could be perfect for you and your home.

Having a dedicated place to work has long been a part of the culture of the working person. For many years, it was most common to work outside of the home, but now, as times change, more and more people find themselves working from home. 

Unfortunately, not all of us have spare rooms in the house to dedicate to work-related purposes. However, many homes have basement spaces that, with just a little work from professionals, could serve as the perfect home office. 

Getting Started On Your New Basement Office 

Home Office in the Basement

Create an efficient and comfortable space to conduct business, away from the distractions of the home.

Of course, the first step to any sort of basement finishing project is the initial inspection of the basement space. In order to create a finished basement, the space must be properly prepared. This means that any sign of cracks, settlement, or water intrusion must first be dealt with. 

A professional waterproofer will make quick work of hunting down any possible threat to your beautifully finished basement office, and then you can move on to the planning stage. What does your work space require of you? What would make you most comfortable working long days at home, in your new home office? 

Essential Home Office Elements to Include  

As the trend of working from home continues, more and more homeowners will be looking to create functional and comfortable home offices in the basement. There are many different features you should include in your basement office, such as:

  1. Soundproofing--While home is where the heart is, it is also usually where the distraction lies. Soundproofing the basement office can help to provide some much needed separation from the rest of the home, making the space feel more secluded and professional, allowing the home office to feel like any other day at the office building. 

  2. Natural Lighting--Harsh artificial lighting can drain your energy when you need it most during the workday. Having a good amount of natural light each day can help to ward off seasonal depression, provides a boost of Vitamin D, improves sleep and can even help to counteract the negative effects of artificial lighting on the body. Adding larger basement windows around the new home office will vastly improve the feel of the space as well. 

  3. Comfortable Seating--Having proper, comfortable seating in a home office can greatly improve the overall feel of the room. From advanced desk chairs, designed to provide proper support for long hours in a seated position, to arm chairs or sofas, seating can provide a place to take a break or conduct business more comfortably. 

  4. Ample Desk Space--

    1. Standard Writing Desk--The standard writing desk can take up a significant amount of room, but the fact remains that it’s a classic hallmark of the office space. A classic desk can give the room a much more professional feel and provide plenty of storage. Other desks may not be capable of holding up work computers, or have enough surface area to accommodate all the things you need for your work. 

    2. Foldable Desk--If saving space is your goal, a folding desk could be just the thing. These days, with more people converting rooms in their homes and basements into offices to make working from home easier, the foldable desk is a stylish and smart choice. Pop the desk out from the wall when you’re in need of a workspace, and simply clear away your projects at the end of the day to fold it back up and out of sight, keeping the room open and uncluttered. 

    3. Standing Desk-- After many years of scientific study, we now know that sitting for long periods of time without proper exercise can have damaging effects on the body. For this reason, a standing desk is a wonderful option, allowing you to get your work done while still being able to move around and get your blood flowing without having to leave the productive confines of the home office. 

    4. L-shaped Desk--An L-shaped desk would provide the most surface area in an office, and can be neatly placed into a corner to keep the most open space available in the room. 

Basement Office Add-ons

Office Kitchen

Keeping a small kitchen or bathroom, or both, in the home office can provide a solid separation from the rest of the home, clearly defining a workspace.

  1. Attached Kitchenette--The normal workday for a full-time employee is roughly 8 hours, with added breaks and a lunch period. When working, it can be easy to become immersed in your project and neglect the need to eat or drink, as it would take you away from your desk. In that case, having an attached kitchenette could be just the thing! Stock up on water, healthy snacks and treats to get you through the work day, or keep a fridge stocked with fixings to ensure you never miss another meal while working. 

  2. Private Bathroom--For much the same reasons as stated above with the tendency that some have to neglect personal needs when wrapped up in work, a bathroom off the new home office might be a wonderful addition to the space. Having the bathroom close at hand can make for a less stressful work day, making the added investment into the new home office more than worthwhile. 

Finding A Basement Finishing Company 

If you’ve been relocated to a work from home position, designing a comfortable, efficient basement office could be the perfect choice to keep you feeling productive and normal while adjusting to the change in work spaces. 

Here at Total Basement Finishing, we’re in the business of creating beautiful, functional basement spaces for our valued customers. With products such as plank flooring, water-proof carpet, insulated wall panels, ceiling tiles, lighting, and windows, Total Basement Finishing can help create the perfect office space right in your own home.  

Reach out today for your free, no obligation estimate for your beautiful new finished basement home office. 

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