Don't Test Your Luck With Drywall. Why Our Waterproofed Basement Walls Are The Way To Go!

Basement Wall Panels

Create a beautiful finished space with our Total Basement Finishing basement wall panels!

With Saint Patrick's day close at hand, it’s time to celebrate the changing of the seasons and look forward to the shift towards warmer weather. And of course, with spring comes spring cleaning and home improvement; we could all use a little luck for that! 

Basement finishing is a popular spring project, providing more room to move about within the home and allowing residents to spread out. Finished basements are often excellent investments, but a frequent mistake is the installation of drywall into a below-ground space to serve as the basement walls. It’s your lucky day, however! The experts here at Total Basement Finishing have a wealth of information to share about proper basement wall material for finished spaces.  

Why Drywall Is a Bad Choice For Basements

Destroyed Basement Drywall

Drywall is an excellent food source for mold, allowing for quick growth and spread.

  • Drywall is composed of biodegradable materials that will deteriorate over time in a damp environment. Typical drywall is made of two paperboards that sandwich gypsum, a powdery mineral material. In a basement, there’s always the risk of water intrusion or plumbing leaks, leaving any basement walls finished with drywall at risk. 

  • Due to the materials that make up drywall, it’s an easily stained and saturated material that can facilitate mold growth on the basement walls if it becomes wet. With mold’s ability to seed and spread quickly, it could easily contaminate the rest of the basement within hours or days, making it spread to other areas of the home that much faster. 

  • Finished basements are often converted into family rooms, game rooms and the like. As a walling material, drywall isn’t the most durable, especially when in a damp, more humid environment, such as the basement walls. It’s not unheard of to have drywall in the basement be easily damaged, necessitating replacement. Over time, these incidents can rack up and become quite costly. 

The Advantages of Waterproofed Wall Panels

Total Basement Finishing Waterproofing Wall Panels

Our Total Basement Finishing wall panels are attractive, easy to clean and won't be damaged by moisture within the basement.

Basements are naturally damp, humid places. That’s why natural materials that compose drywall make it an unsuitable choice for  basement walls. At Total Basement Finishing,  our waterproofed basement wall panels are designed for humid and damp environments, making them a superior basement wall option over drywall. Other benefits include:

  • A Sleek Look--Our basement wall panels, part of our total basement finishing system, is composed of a vinyl covered hard cement board and backed with high-density rigid foam insulation, providing a nicely finished final look. These walls also come with the option for double facing to create partition walls within the basement. Even the baseboard and molding on our walls are composed of waterproofed material, made to mimic classic wall trimmings. 

  • Moisture Resistant--Due to the materials used to compose our basement wall panels, the resulting panels are totally waterproofed, moisture and mold resistant. Even in the event of a flood or burst pipes, the basement walls will remain clean and healthy. 

  • Easy Install--Unlike drywall which is messy, fragile and difficult to keep clean, our basement wall panels are quick and easy to install. Designed to be a perfect fit for any basement remodeling project, our trained contractors excel in quick and efficient installation. 

  • Increased Energy Efficiency--Our Total Basement Finishing basement wall panels are more energy efficient, and therefore cost saving, compared to traditional drywall. This is due to the SilverGlo foam insulation backing of our basement wall panels, which has an industry leading R-13 Insulation value, keeping your basement warm and comfortable while also cutting costs. 

Finding a Basement Finishing Contractor Near You

Basement Finishing Professional

Total Basement Finishing has trusted dealers located around the country, reach out today!

Basement finishing is a large project, which is why it’s best not to leave it all up to luck. Find a qualified local professional before attempting anything on your own. With the training and experience to completely transform any basement space with our one of a kind basement finishing system and our high-quality waterproofed finishing products, the experts here at Total Basement Finishing are here for you! Reach out today for your free, no obligation estimate! 

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