Small Basement Remodeling Ideas, Tips & Tricks

Small Unfinished Basement

Finishing a small basement can provide much needed space within a square-foot challenged home.

Small basements may not seem to hold a wealth of potential at first, but, if you’re creative, you can create tons of usable space where you might not have found it before. In recent years, the new trend of Tiny Homes showed us the concept pretty clearly, proving that you can make a seemingly small room into a functional space. 

Uses For A Small Basement Space

Finished Basement Bathroom

With extra space available, you can install a guest bathroom, laundry room, or other utility room, among other options.

Houses with small basements tend to be small themselves, presenting problems with space and storage. For this reason, many homeowners use their basement remodeling projects as extensions of the living spaces above and focus on basement finishing projects like:

  • A finished laundry room, with space for the appliances and organization for soaps, detergents and the like.

  • A guest room or small in-law apartment to provide for visitors and older family members.

  • An extra bathroom within the home, for guests and events at the house. 

Once the basic plan for the space is decided, you’ll find that some typical methods of remodeling may be a little too much for a smaller area. A professional basement remodeling company will have plenty of experience in situations like this, and can help you find unique solutions. 

How To Maximize Basement Space in Tight Quarters

If you have a smaller than average basement area, don’t despair! There are a million and one ways that basement remodeling companies could fix up the basement for more practical use. Even if the space is smaller than ideal, there are ways around that. Interior designers, basement remodeling companies and crafty homeowners have been making the most of their spaces for many years, using basement finishing tips and tricks such as the following: 

  • Think Vertically--When working within a small space, it’s best to find ways to trick the mind wherever you can to give the illusion of a roomier area. This can be done in a few ways, like using paneling with vertical lines to emphasize the height of the ceiling. 

  • Rugs Are Better Than Carpets--Area rugs, several or even one larger area rug that shows the flooring material around the edges, is a good way to give the impression of more floor space. 

  • The Storage Under The Stairs--When there’s limited room for storage, an under the stairs closet or set of shelves can prove incredibly useful when you’re tight on options. 

  • Reflect On It--Mirrors have been used in a variety of ways since the beginning of human history. One way they’re commonly used is to create illusions, much like in a house of mirrors where everything is closer and farther away than it appears. Hanging mirrors on the walls can help to open up the space and make it feel like you’ve got more room to breathe. 

  • Small Comforts--Downsizing furniture within the remodeled basement will also help to maximize the usable space. Swapping out a couch for a loveseat can make a big difference. 

  • Let The Daylight In--Natural light can have a vastly different impact on a space as opposed to fluorescent lighting. With window-wells and larger than average basement windows, you can open up the room significantly, giving you the illusion of more space to move around in. 

Finding A Basement Remodeling Company 

Basement Remodeling Contractor

Basement Finishing is an extremely worthwhile investment, but it can also be a delicate process. Total Basement Finishing is here to help.

When considering a basement remodeling project within a small basement, don’t despair over the available space. By using tried and true techniques and design principles, Total Basement Finishing can help you  transform your compact basement into a functional, beautiful and cost-effective investment for the whole family. 

Reach out today for your free, no obligation estimate.

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