The Gift of A Finished Basement: Basement Finishing Ideas for The Whole Family

Basement Remodel

A finished basement can be a gift for the whole family!

The last of the leaves are falling, autumn is drawing to a close and winter is fast approaching, carrying along with it the holiday season--a time of togetherness. During this global pandemic, we’ve all been spending the majority of our time indoors, and for most, with our families. However, we may not all have the space to spend time together comfortably, or don’t have enough space for the whole family to gather together. 

This is where your unfinished basement comes in. Basements are largely underutilized space, commonly used as a utility room, and a place to do laundry and store belongings. However, basement finishing could provide much needed living space within a home that the whole family can enjoy. 

The Benefits of Basement Finishing this Holiday Season

Perhaps the most obvious draw to basement finishing is the added living space that it can provide. Many families face the challenge of not having enough room for everyone to coexist easily, and basement remodeling could be the answer. There are plenty of other benefits to a basement finishing job though, like: 

  • Installing a basement finishing system can be an effective way around tight zoning restrictions. 

  • Basement finishing adds a significant amount of value to a home, and can boost resale value in the event of a sale. 

  • Basement remodeling could also provide a much needed income, by providing a rentable space. 

  • Some basement finishing systems, like the Total Basement Finishing system, are also waterproofed and won’t be subject to rot and mold issues in the event of a basement flood or leaky foundation. 

Common Uses for Finished Basements

Really, there are virtually no limits to what you can do with a finished basement. Basement remodeling is only constrained to your imagination and your budget. A helpful place to start, though, is to think about your family. What do you spend most of your time as a family doing? Are there small children to accommodate for? Only adults in the home?

Some of the most common uses for a finished basement include: 

Family Room

The extra space could be used as a family room, or kids playroom.

  • Home bar--Enjoy a cheaper,  more personalized bar experience within your own home that can safely entertain friends and family with simple additions like a dart board or pool table. 

  • Game room--Create a gaming haven with comfy couches, storage for board games, and an entertainment center to hold video game consoles and screens. Perfect for kids and adults alike, the basement can even be soundproofed for late night gaming.

  • Second den or family room--Sometimes having a less formal gathering space can be a big plus. 

  • Theatre or media room--Got movie buffs at home? With the extra space of a finished basement you could dedicate an entire area to movies. Bring in some comfy chairs, install a large flat screen and a sound system and you’re in business.  

  • Home gym--It can be hard to fit working out into a busy schedule, which is why having your own personal gym in your basement could be the solution. Design your own personal gym with all that you need to stay fit and healthy, and without a membership fee! 

  • Play room--Having a room just for the kids can be very beneficial. As a place to store toys and games, and as a place to go when it’s just too cold to play outside.

  • Craft room or a workshop--Hobbies can sometimes be messy, and require room to move around, which can be hard to find in the home above. Setting up a workshop in the finished basement can solve that problem, and keep the mess out of the way. 

  • Home office or remote classroom--These days many of us are staying in as much as we can--and that includes working from home, and homeschooling efforts. It can be distracting to try to work from home, and many people benefit from having a designated area to do their work in. 

  • And more!

Finding the Right Basement Finishing Contractor

Basement Remodeling Contractor

The experts here at Total Basement Finishing are here for you.

With so many Americans confined to their homes during this difficult time, it can be stressful, cramped and uncomfortable as families attempt to coexist around each other with the holidays looming ahead. If you’re looking to add a little space to the family home, need an extra bedroom, a wine cellar, or a second kitchen, the right basement finishing contractor can help you design the best basement for you and your whole family. 

Investing in a basement remodeling project is an important investment, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Our highly trained basement finishing contractors provide personal one on one basement remodeling design planning to ensure you’re getting the best advice for the space and money you put into the project. Total Basement Finishing wants to be your choice for a basement finishing contractor. We offer a wide range of basement finishing products, such as: 

  • Basement Flooring

  • Basement Walls

  • Basement Windows

  • Basement Lighting

  • Basement Insulation 

  • And more 

If you’re interested in a basement finishing job to add living space to your home this holiday season, reach out today for your free estimate!

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