8 Great Ideas for Your Finished Basement

Are you considering finishing your basement? A finished basement can provide numerous opportunities to create that additional living space that you always wanted but never had space for in your home. Basement remodeling has the added benefits of privacy and quietness, so a finished basement is often used for purposes that would be disruptive in upstairs living areas or for rooms that are better separated from the main living space. With the right kind of basement waterproofing, insulated wall panels, basement windows, low-maintenance flooring, and other high-quality Total Basement Finishing products, you can create the basement of your dreams!

8 popular basement finishing ideas to get your creativity flowing as you plan out your space

1. Man Cave

Finished Basement Man CaveOne of the most popular uses of a finished basement is the man cave: A sanctuary of sorts that is comfortably tucked away from the practicalities of the rest of the home and the demands of everyday life. The idea is to make this space entirely about you and about the things you love to do. Whether that means creating the perfect setting to watch the big game, complete with dart set and pool table, or a space to store collectibles or tabletop board games, the sky's the limit. And remember, a "man cave" doesn't have to be just for men – anyone can use this kind of space for their preferred hobbies!

2. Home Theater

Finished Basement TheaterBasements are the perfect spaces for home theaters, where noise won't be a problem and there will be no disruptions. Comfortable seating is a must, and you can select the perfect entertainment set and lighting for your tastes. It's a good idea to install some built-in cabinetry underneath and on either side of the TV screen so that you can hide the wiring and use the storage space for DVDs accessories, and essential movie snacks.

3. Home Gym

Finished Basement GymEver spent money on a gym membership only to never actually get around to going? We've all been there. That's why setting up a private, personal home gym in your finished basement can be the perfect solution for anyone who wants to get in shape or loves exercising without the stress and hassle of going to the gym. As an added benefit, you get to pick the exercise equipment that best suits your needs and you can work out in the privacy of your own home – whenever and however you want!

4. Basement Apartment 

Finished Basement ApartmentIf you're looking to expand your living space or are welcoming another person into the home, designing a basement apartment is much easier and more cost-effective than building an addition. A basement apartment with its own kitchen, bathroom, and appliances is a great way to earn some extra rent money, or you can create a basement in-law apartment for a relative. With the right kind of windows, flooring, ceiling tiles, and insulated wall panels, a damp and dark basement can be totally transformed into a bright, comfortable living space!

5. Basement Bedroom

Finished Basement BedroomFamilies grow and expand, and sometimes your living space just isn't big enough anymore. If you don't need an entire basement apartment but would like to take advantage of the space to add some extra square footage to your living area, a basement bedroom could be a perfect solution. Keep in mind that a large basement egress window is a code requirement for both basement bedrooms and basement apartments so that the occupants can safely escape in case of an emergency.

6. Home Office

Finished Basement OfficeWorking from home is becoming more and more common, with the trend only seeming to be on a continued rise,  it's becoming essential to have a home office where you can concentrate without distraction. Your finished basement can be the perfect workspace since it's separated from the rest of the home and with proper insulation, the sound will not carry from other rooms. If you're worried that it will be too dark, our EverLast basement windows are a smart investment that will let in the natural light and brighten up your home office.

7. Children's Playroom

Finished Basement PlayroomTotal Basement Finishing offers warm, insulated, and highly durable basement finishing materials that are ideal for creating a children's playroom. Our basement flooring options will keep the basement floor an average of ten degrees warmer than the concrete underneath, so comfort will never be an issue for your little ones. And when it comes time to clean up, our EverLast wall panels are not only more durable than drywall but also much easier to clean! Your finished basement walls will retain their beautiful appearance with minimum effort on your part.

8. Basement Bar

Finished Basement BarOn the opposite end of the spectrum, you may want to use your finished basement as a space for the adults in the home. Why not install a small fridge, a sink, some bar stools, and a TV? You can have a beautiful basement bar in no time at all,  that's perfect for entertaining friends and family. Adding a basement sink won't be much of an inconvenience if you're already adding a basement bathroom, and don't forget to look into waterproof basement floor options that are stylish and easy to maintain!

To discuss any of these options further, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our highly trained basement finishing contractors. Our dealers are well-established, locally owned, and operated businesses with demonstrated expertise in basement remodeling. Find your local dealer today to schedule your free, no-obligation cost estimate and get started on your dream basement project!

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