Upgrading your Basement Laundry Room

New Basement Laundry Room with washer, dryer, and clothes rack.

How you can turn your dingy, basement laundry room into a bright, clean space for washing clothes

Is your laundry room, as it is in many homes, in the basement? After pouring over beautiful Pinterest boards of finished basements and highly organized laundry facilities, do you find yourself looking at your own dinghy, musty, unfinished laundry room/laundry corner, and feel that it leaves much to be desired? 

Many of our customers in this situation choose the route of finishing driven by the desire for a dry, comfortable, and stylish laundry space. Often, laundry rooms are placed in basements for practical reasons--there’s simply more space when the facilities are separated from living areas, and in the event of a pipe burst or appliance failure, the water will be contained to the basement where it will hopefully cause the least amount of damage. Unfortunately, this also means that these laundry rooms can be dark, damp, cold, and have minimal storage--if any at all. 


What can I use to brighten up my laundry room?

In short, it can be inconvenient to have such an isolated and bare-bones setup, especially if there are younger children in the home. Leaving little ones alone for any amount of time can easily spell disaster, even just to run down the stairs to flip the laundry. For this reason, and many others, homeowners often choose to finish the basement and create an inclusive space that can be multipurpose. 

With our Total Basement Finishing products, the only limit to creating a gorgeous and moisture controlled space is your own imagination! We offer top of the line waterproof flooring, walls, and more to make your space clean and safe for all members of the family. 

Some homeowners prefer the relative safety or keeping their appliances and home systems out of the finished areas of the basement, while others seek to completely redesign the whole area and create a polished utility area. Whatever your preference, the Total Basement Finishing System and our trained specialists can help you achieve it. 


What to keep in mind before starting any basement finishing project

When planning a basement finishing project, there are a few things to keep in mind, however, such as: 

  • Codes that dictate the placement of appliances or electrical wiring

  • Proper Dehumidification to prevent molding to clothes and other natural materials stored in the basement

  • Lighting and Window Placement 

  • Proper, warrantied waterproofed materials such as flooring and insulation to prevent mold and moisture issues 

All of these concerns and more will be addressed when our trained salesman comes? out to give you a free estimate and consultation--ensuring that you know your options, pricing, and materials before the job even begins. 

Call 1-855-215-4236 or Click today to begin planning for your beautifully finished basement laundry space today for FREE!

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