Norwalk, CT Home Made Comfortable and Spacious with Basement Finishing

Unfinished basement in Norwalk CT

This Norwalk basement had an unfinished framework and dangerous electrical wires exposed, which is a major code violation.

Finishing your basement can be one of the best decisions you can make as a homeowner. In the case of these Norwalk, CT homeowners, finishing their basement added invaluable comfort and safety to their home, while practically doubling their usable square footage. Connecticut Basement Systems completely transformed their unfinished basement into a beautiful, spacious living area that is totally unrecognizable compared to the original space.

This Norwalk basement was a classic example of everything that you don't want in a family basement. Unfinished framework left electrical wires exposed, dangling in a tangled mess over the basement walls and flooring. Precarious light fixtures hung from the ceiling, wrapped up in electrical cables. The cold cement walls and unfinished ceiling lacked sufficient insulation, letting cold air seep up into the rooms above and making the rest of the home drafty and less energy-efficient. The initial steps you take on how to finish a basement are very important for the long term outcome.

Finished basement in Norwalk CT

Our MillCreek flooring and drop ceiling tiles made the basement stylish and waterproof

The goal: turning this nightmare of electrical tangles and cold cement into a family-friendly living space.

Brad, our certified Basement System design specialist, got this project started with a comprehensive design for a beautifully finished family-inclusive basement. We installed our MillCreek flooring, specifically designed to look like real wood while staying waterproof in basement living spaces. Next, we replaced the unfinished walls with our EverLast wall panels, guaranteed to stay mold-free and immune to moisture damage. After removing the tangle of electrical wires and installing our drop ceiling tiles, warrantied to be non-sagging and safe from mold and rotting, the basement was starting to look much better, not to mention safer.

The best way to complete a basement finishing project is by making the space unique to the homeowners' needs and the layout of the home. In this case, the Norwalk family had a gorgeous backyard area with a pool that would be perfectly accessible from the basement if we knocked down part of the wall and added a basement door. Design inspiration struck, and we installed some beautiful double doors that led out to the pool area from the newly finished basement, perfect for entertaining family and friends during summer get-togethers!

As a finishing touch, we added a stylish full bathroom that will allow the homeowners to use their finished basement for any purpose they might need. It will also boost the home's property value if they decide to sell in the future. Overall, this basement transformation was a resounding success! The finished basement is now a safe, cozy, and comfortable living space.

If you're considering finishing your basement, find your local dealer and schedule a free estimate today!

Finished Norwalk, CT basement   Remodeled basement bathroom in Norwalk, CT

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