Keep Your Basement Floor Warm and Dry

Even the most beautifully finished basement can become uncomfortable if the floor feels cold and damp. If you're looking to use your basement as an additional living space, it's essential to make sure that you have the right kind of flooring to keep the room warm, dry, and comfortable. Our ThermalDry Elite Plank basement flooring is the perfect solution, offering all of the benefits of a floating subfloor and none of the drawbacks.

Floating subfloors work by providing a thermal break between the cold concrete floor and the basement flooring. This air gap keeps any excess water from being trapped underneath, protecting your basement from moisture problems such as mold, rotting, and unpleasant odors. ThermalDry flooring is a highly superior alternative to concrete flooring and can increase your floor's temperature by 10 degrees for additional comfort.

ThermalDry Flooring

ThermalDry carpeting and floor tiles


How the Thermal Dry Flooring System Works

Typically, floating subfloors need to be installed on a level surface, meaning that the entire basement floor will need to be leveled before the panels can be installed to avoid issues down the line, including structural concerns. ThermalDry flooring uses pegs to easily lift the planks off of the floor and can be installed directly over a concrete floor. The ThermalDry Elite Plank floor system's modular design means that the planks can easily lock together, and it also makes it a simple task to remove individual panels if something goes wrong with your floor. A specific panel can be removed for cleaning or repairs and then effortlessly reinstalled without causing disruption to the rest of the floor.

If you have a basement with low ceilings and limited headroom, don't worry! Unlike other products on the market, ThermalDry is only half an inch thick, so it won't make your basement seem cramped or confined.

Best of all, ThermalDry Elite Plank flooring looks just like real wood without a wood floor's vulnerability to water damage and warping. Available in Light Pecan and Dark Walnut, ThermalDry offers the warm, luxurious appearance of a wood plank floor while providing the water resistance you need for your basement.

ThermalDry Elite Plank flooring is available exclusively through Total Basement Finishing dealers. If you're ready to make your basement warm, dry, and comfortable, find your local dealer and schedule a free estimate today!

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