Faux Wood Waterproof Basement Flooring

MillCreek Basement Flooring combines the beauty, texture, and classic appeal of a traditional hardwood floor with engineering made specifically for the basement environment, including these advantages:

Real wood is not recommended for basement flooring. If you want the look and feel of wood, vinyl plank is the preferred choice.

MillCreek floor panels allow you to enjoy the beauty of a wood floor without worrying about moisture-related damage like rot, mold, buckling, warping and failing finish. This product is a smart remodeling choice for basement flooring.

MillCreek is available in two finishes:

Natural Oak
Natural Oak Wood Laminate Basement Flooring Mahogany Flooring


Width: 6" (915 mm)
Thickness: 3/20" (3.88 mm)
Make-Up: PVC with vinyl textured grain of hardwood, giving it the same look, feel, and touch of a hardwood floor

Check out our wood flooring in depth page for much more information about the advantages of our system -- and the hazards of real wood flooring! If you've read enough, contact us today for a free basement remodeling estimate!

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