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Basement Finishing System

EverLast Basement Windows

Replacing old basement windows is a logical upgrade in any basement makeover. Old basement windows are typically single-pane or double-pane units in steel frames. In addition to being unattractive, these windows waste energy and are difficult to operate. EverLast basement windows meet the high quality and performance standards of other TBF components.

Upgrade your basement windows with our double-paned vinyl windows for a brighter, more beautiful finished basement.

Double-insulated Low-E glass insulates the space, while the attractive frame survives for years without rotting or needing paint.

Check out these advantages:

  • Unlike metal or wood-framed windows, EverLast windows feature all-vinyl construction that will never corrode, rot or support mold growth.
  • EverLast windows never require painting.
  • Windows slide open and close easily.
  • Window sash can be removed easily. You can quickly clean interior and exterior glass surfaces without going outdoors.
  • With an R-2.94 rating, EverLast windows are nearly 3 times more energy efficient than single-pane windows.
  • Low-e coating helps to promote solar gain in winter and limit solar gain in summer.
  • In combination with the SunHouse Basement Window Well, provides bright, natural light.
  • With skilled installation, EverLast windows can eliminate the drafts that waste energy and compromise comfort.

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